Was drafted into the U. S. Army in December of 1969, and served with the 1st Air Cav Divison Airmobile in Vietnam from Jul-70 to Jul-71. My stateside training was as a radio/radioteletype operator, and my service in Vietnam was as a radio operator attached to the HHC 3rd Bde.

Joined my unit at Quan Loy, just after the pull back from Cambodia. After our move to firebase Mace, I basically served as a radio operator. Had various assignments working out of Mace, including a MACV laison compound at Ham Tan (located to the east, on the coast of the South China sea) and on Hill 837 which bordered Mace (as 3rd Bde relay). Had the good fortune to spend my last several months in country as a MARS station operator (AB8AAR) at FSB Mace. If you made a phone patch to the states during early 71, either ‘Skip’ (Vincent Formisano) or myself would have done it for you!

Some of the fellows that I worked with will be in the pictures provided here. We were buddies in the same boat, and I am proud to have served with all of them!


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